The =SWF= Spartan War Fighters clan was established in May 2007. We are a multi-national clan with members from 6 different countries. We are a small tight knit organization with 30 contacts, a record event attendance of 16 participants, and a typical showing of two to six members. Our online gaming foundation solidified while we fought together in Battlefield 2 (BF2). We are now involved in DayZ, Planet Side 2, and ArmA. So, why do First Person Shooter (FPS) online gamers select the =SWF= clan? FPS online gamers select our clan because our recruiting process places emphasis on our recruits being able to "fit in" with the TEAM. It's about people and having FUN. Our clan offers an added bonus with a large number of our =SWF= Members have real-world police and military experience; this organizational attribute tends to attract like-minded war fighters. Our organizational purpose continues to be to improve our member's effectiveness and enjoyment by having a plan, task organizing, communicating, and stressing teamwork with our common goal of winning.