How We Came To Be And Why We Are Still Here

The clan was created to bring together a group of BF2 on-line gamers to fight as a team. The goal was to improve member effectiveness and enjoyment by having a plan, task organizing, communicating and stressing teamwork towards the accomplishment of a common goal – winning. The clan was founded in May 2007 and recruiting started in July 2007. With our involvement in BF2 Project Reality (PR), our communication and teamwork has been enhanced. Over the years, we have shifted into different gaming franchises and are now fighting the good fight in the DayZ Mod, Planet Side 2, and ArmA. We eagerly await the released DayZ standalone.

In September 2012,our organization was able to expand even further. Our clan became involved in the PC Gamers Network (PCGN) community. We were attracted to their community due to the excellent administration of their DayZ servers. PCGN is a multi-clan network of like minded gamers who share our core values. Since joining the PCGN community, our clan's online gaming experience has improved dramatically. The intense fire fights in the DayZ environment have pushed our skills and developed our tactics to a higher level. The future is bright with many great events to come.

Join our TeamSpeak server and join us for a gaming session. We are recruiting for new members. See you on the Battlefield!