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"Contact!" Report
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Alert your squad to the enemy's presence by saying “Contact.” Follow-up by communicating the direction (compass heading), distance (give an approximate range in meters or just say close, medium range, or far), number of enemy, their activity and a description of their location. Here is an example,

“Contact! Direction 350 degrees, medium range about 150 meters away, two enemy, one of them is a sniper, they have not seen us and they are looking to the North, they are on the roof of the closest building, at the front left corner.”

Here is a shorter version: “Contact! Direction three five zero, 150 meters away, two enemy, one’s a sniper, we’re not detected, they are oriented North, rooftop of closest building, front left corner.”

Even shorter: “Contact! Three five zero. 150 meters away.

If undetected, let others get set and gain an understanding of the enemy’s location.

Posted on: 2016/7/17 15:02

Re: "Contact!" Report
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Posted on: 2017/3/9 0:07

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