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Re: Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)
Just can't stay away.
Just can't stay away.

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Thanks for the flying game suggestions, but I think I'd rather have all four wheels on the ground.

Recently I've finished Budget Cuts and with a third sensor it really gets a whole lot better with the ability to turn around and face any direction. Overall it was a fun stealth game. You really have to get low in real life if you want to avoid being seen by enemies and to even fit into ventilation shafts! After crouching for long periods of time I figured I could just sit down on the floor instead.

Another "cool" trick I did was in Superhot VR. It was endless mode where you kill enemies until you die. In one of the stages there was a pool table right next to you and nothing stops you from laying on the floor under it shooting anyone brave enough to come close. I bet it looked like I was the laziest VR player ever.

Killing Floor: Incursion is sort of a mix of a horror game and a shooter. At first it's terrifying but as you get more weapons it turns into more of a shooter. Even the easiest cannon fodder enemies from Killing Floor 2 suddenly get a lot scarier when you are staring at them at eye level. Supports both teleportation movement with a cooldown and using the left stick to move. Quite difficult at some parts, could be easier in co-op. It's ok but could have been better. There's only a few guns, no classes with their special abilities, very small maps, fewer enemies than KF2... I got it on sale for 9 € which was a very good price for this.

Arizona Sunshine is another zombie shooter I bought during the Steam sales but haven't started yet. It's one of the best selling VR games so my expectations are high.

Posted on: 1/5 10:52

Re: Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)
Just can't stay away.
Just can't stay away.

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Time for more Oculus Rift Vr reviews!

Nemesis Perspective

To grab your attention, let's start with a free game, and this one is a local asymmetric multiplayer one!

Imagine a third person platformer/fighter game, but it just skips you to the final boss fight. One player is in VR and is a massive boss character who can either punch or grab and throw the other player. The adventurer is very, very quick and nimble, and can either punch the boss or place bombs to hurt it. The adventurer is controlled by a player sitting on the computer, using the either mouse and keyboard or a gamepad, and sees things through a flat monitor.

It's a really fun game and free!

Arizona Sunshine

A zombie shooter where you... shoot zombies with a variety of pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, occasionally even grenade launchers and sniper rifles. There's a story mode which can be played either solo or in co-op, as well as a horde mode with frustratingly small areas to defend. There's also a DLC story mission where you play as a soldier and have access to two-handed weapons like assault rifles, but I haven't played it yet. The story mode is good fun and I bet it's at least double as fun with a friend.

After playing many VR games with melee weapons or at least fists, it was a bit of a disappointment you can't use knives or axes to survive. Reloading was done with a press of a button on each controller; you can and will have one weapon in each hand at all times. Another oddity was that you don't have to/can't holster your guns and instead they just disappear when you interact with objects. Movement is done with the sticks, but I think there's also a teleportation option.

My mind was blown when I was trying to figure out if it was possible to climb through a broken window. I tried pressing different buttons until I realized I just had to use my feet to walk to the other side.

About 40 € on Steam usually, but sometimes it's -50% off. It's quite short as in about 3 hours to beat so I would wait for a sale.


This is considered to be the most realistic VR shooter at the moment, and many compare it to Insurgency. There was a free weekend on Steam but I only had a few hours to test it. It has a shooting range to test out all the different weapons (weapons, attachments and other gear have a weight and you can't exceed a certain limit), solo/co-op against bots in terrorist hunt, and some online multiplayer modes. I had enough time to check about a third of the guns on the shooting range, and the terrorist hunt mode.

The arsenal consists of assault rifles, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, an RPG, a shield, hand grenades, pistols, knives, even a controllable drone, and maybe something I'm forgetting. Realism is the focus here, so you reload the guns in the way you do in real life. It even goes as deep as to show the difference of taking out the magazine of an M16 and an AKM; with the M16 you press a button and the magazine is ejected, but with the AK you have to hold down a button while pulling the magazine away... except I think the button is pressed with the wrong hand.

Movement is only with the sticks as far as I know. As for aiming, the pistols are quite easy to aim. But with two-handed weapons it gets tricky to "mime" an invisible gun with both of your hands when there isn't actually anything solid between them. But maybe it only takes some time to get used to them. You can also buy some kind of a rifle-looking controller, but I can't say how well do they work or are they worth the price. Another problem is occlusion; I aldready noticed that my left arm was blocking my Oculus Rift sensors from seeing the headset properly at specific times.

Terrorist hunting is intense when you're all alone in the dark, even if you do have a flashlight attachment. Compared to old Rainbow Six and other games it really is different when you feel like you're there. Crouching and going prone is done by crouching and going prone in real life. You can also lean around corners and blind fire in any way you like. Crouching isn't one stance like in most games or three (five?) stances like in Arma 3, but it's all about how long your thighs can last in the hundred increments between standing and full squat.

All in all, it's a very well made game, and probably the most realistic shooter in VR if you can get used to miming an invisible gun.

About 23,00 € right now on Steam Early Access. Very good price for a game this good.

Crisis VRigade

This one is basically an arcade light gun shooter but you are inside the game. The graphics are cartoony, but don't let that fool you. Expect to hide behind doors and police cars, duck under tables, and shoot like hell. All the movement you can do is around your play area; after you've cleared each area you get the choice between two, or sometimes just one route, and then you get transported there.

The basic weapon is a pistol, and you have to eject the magazine, take one of you infinite magazines from your hip, put it in and pull the slide. If there's already one in the chamber, you shouldn't pull the slide or you'll just lose the bullet. There are power-ups you can shoot to pick up. Most of them are assault rifles or submachine guns, but there's also extra health and a bullet time power-up. You can stabilize the pistol just by holding your off hand under the shooting hand, which feels really good. With the two-handed weapons you have to place your off hand near the barrel and pressing a button. Once again this feels a bit floaty and I rarely even use these power-ups.

It's easy to die from one or two bullets, and you are always sent back in the beginning. Right now in Early Access the game only has one level separated into multiple sections with a time limit always ticking in the background. The time limit is shown in each scene transit, on you watch, and on all screens you can see. The bank is littered with bombs that explode from a stray bullet, so you should be careful with blind firing. The time limit is 7:00 minutes but that's plenty enough time for you to die.

In case it wasn't obvious so far, the game is really difficult. There's bullets firing constantly at you, you are just as vulnerable as the enemy, the AI companions die all the time, and some scenes are very difficult. But it's really addictive to finally make it to the next scene, getting better at the game and getting better scores on your personal leaderboard. It's also really fun in how physical it is. Once again you really do have to crouch and lean yourself, so hunching down behind a cop car may leave your legs sore for the following day...

About 5 € on Steam Early Access right now. After 3 hours of playing I still haven't beaten it, even if a single full playthrough is only less than 7 minutes. While there have been some moments that feel like bullshit, most of the time it's just so much fun being a Hollywood cop. Absolutely worth the price if you ask me.

Tardis VR

Have you ever wanted to travel across time and space in a blue police phone box? Now you can! This is something that can technically be played on a flat screen (I may be mistaken) but it's completely different in VR. It really is bigger on the inside! You can fiddle around the 11th Doctor's (Matt Smith) Tardis and make it travel around to a handful of locations. You can also explore the insides of the Tardis, with some pretty cool things to find... For those who don't know, this is the time machine used in the Doctor Who series.


Serenity VR

This is the space ship Serenity from the tv sci-fi show Firefly. Pretty cool, but there isn't much else to do than steer the ship with the joystick in the cockpit and explore the ship. Quite buggy. You can ascend and descend ladders by using both hands one at a time, which was quite cool.



A free asymmetric local multiplayer game in which one player is in VR sneaking around using the sticks to move (while crouching you move slower!), and the other player is a hacker playing with mouse and keyboard + monitor. To be fair, I haven't played this but I have played Black Hat Cooperative with almost identical idea, and it was a lot of fun.

Free demo:

Aerospace Security Training

Another free asymmetric local multiplayer game. The VR player tries to smuggle contraband items through the border. The mouse+keyboard+monitor player uses the X-ray screen to approve or deny suitcases going though it. Sounds fun but I haven't played it yet.

A very good channel for finding out about new and exciting Vr games:

Some interesting games I have on my wishlist: Unknightly (basically Thief in VR with climbing), Doom VFR and Sairento VR (both are fast paced shooters), Abode (room escape), Virtual Virtual Reality, Megaton Rainfall (Superman simulator), The Spy Who Shrunk Me, and maybe either Skyrim VR or Fallout 4 VR. Skyrim or Fallout would provide a game lasting more than just a few hours, but I'm not a big fan of either (Fallout New Vegas was pretty good though) and I don't know how long can I just stand on my feet at a time...

Edit: A huge thing I only just noticed in VR: because you really are viewing the world through two eyes/screens, you can sort of see through your hands/gun because one eye is aiming and the other one is a few centimetres away looking from a different point. As far as I know, there's only one "game" that does this and it's VBS or Virtual Battle Space, the military simulator which Arma is based on.

Posted on: 2/8 13:33

Re: Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift)
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Awesome, Al. Appears the game making support is present for the VR realm.

Posted on: 2/8 19:56
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