Spartan Warrior Ethos

- Quality War Fighters are better than a large Quantity of care-free gamers.

- Selection is based on participation, conduct, skill, and ability to fit in with the team.

- Spartans can not be mass produced or created after the initiation of a crisis. Spartans are dedicated to pursuing a life-time profession   of warfighting.

- Spartans never quit or accept defeat. They continue to fight for their brothers-in-arms to seize a hard fought Victory.

- Leadership, individual skill, and communication are valued traits. We lead by example.

- The =SWF= Team is cohesive with strong camaraderie in which we foster enjoyable, lasting friendships.

Code of Conduct

Set the example.
  - Take charge when in charge and be a good follower.
  - No cheating.
  - No team kills or intentional team damage.

Be courteous. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  - Apologize for accidental team damage or kills, promptly.
  - Do not automatically punish your teammate with a team damage penalty. Give him a chance to apologize.
  - If someone else is already waiting for a vehicle, let him have it. You can try and get the vehicle next time.
  - Annoying voice communication will be avoided. Do not subject others to overly excessive and repetitious outbursts.